Driving Productivity Through Technology

CMES, a heavy civil roadway contractor based in Atlanta, Georgia, partnered with Terrawise Solutions to implement Leica Geosystems machine control technology. This helped them improve project timelines and meet objectives.


CMES projects were falling behind schedule. They needed to find ways to increase productivity and efficiency.

Our Solutions

We worked with CMES to outfit their fleet with Leica machine control systems. Our cutting-edge offerings included:

  • User-friendly 3D machine control solutions for grading and paving
  • Flexible systems that can be moved across equipment types
  • Real-time guidance and positioning without relying on string lines
  • Ongoing training and support for operators

The Benefits

Partnering with Terrawise to adopt Leica machine control delivered significant benefits:

Tripled production: CMES went from 600 ft to 2,000 ft graded per day

Versatility: Systems can be moved across old and new equipment

Eliminated String Lines: Real-time elevation checks improved workflows

Operators Empowered: Visuals and data-built operator confidence

Accelerated timelines: Projects completed on schedule through gains in efficiency

With Leica’s innovative machine control systems, plus our training and support, Terrawise helped CMES improve roadway project delivery through greater productivity.


Moving forward all of our projects will at least have a rover and a 3D model on it to reduce the staking and to make sure everything is correct.

Daniel Miller

CMES Project Manager