Archer United

Equipped for Excellence

When Archer United took on the $421-million project to replace seven overpass bridges along I-26 in South Carolina, they turned to us as their trusted partner for equipment, software, training, and support. As a local dealer of Leica Geosystems products, we were ready to provide the innovative solutions they needed to take on this complex infrastructure project.


A project of this scale posed multiple challenges that required the right technology and expertise:

  • Managing a large, complex infrastructure project
  • Ensuring the accuracy and reliability of collected data
  • Streamlining data flow between field and office

Our Solutions

We provided Archer United with Leica Geosystems’ latest surveying, measurement, and data management solutions. Our cutting-edge offerings included:

  • Robotic total stations, GPS, and machine control systems for 
precise real-time data
  • Leica ConX for streamlined data connectivity between field and office locations
  • Ongoing training and support to optimize usage of Leica systems

The Benefits

The partnership between Terrawise and Archer United enabled successful project delivery:

Innovative Leica technology increased productivity and performance

Leica surveying equipment delivered highly accurate and reliable project data

Leica ConX facilitated real-time data sharing, reducing errors

Our support helped maximize the benefits of Leica solutions

Efficiencies from accuracy, speed, and innovation contributed to on-time and on-budget completion

By providing Leica’s innovative solutions plus technical training and support, Terrawise empowered Archer United to take on this critical infrastructure project with confidence.


Terrawise Solutions is our local Leica Geosystems dealer for machine control and survey. They helped us out on a lot of Leica equipment. They supported us from day one. Again, on a project of this size, having the support is critical.


Archer United Survey Manager