Vertical/Building Construction

Terrawise Solutions offers Leica Geosystems vertical and building construction solutions. The solutions include hardware, ICON software, cloud services, and training. These solutions help improve speed, accuracy, and performance with intuitive construction software. Our vertical and building construction specialists can help you find the right solution for quick decision making to help minimize rework.

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Together, we can unlock more productivity, efficiency, and accuracy in vertical/building construction operations.

Total Stations

Terrawise Solutions offers robotic Leica total stations for building construction applications. These total stations are equipped with ICON software and are ready to tackle any job. They can be used for measurements and layout tasks. Let’s take a look at the available solutions.

Leica ICR80

The Leica ICR80 is a robotic total station for construction projects. This rugged total station is equipped with ICON software. With an industry- leading prism lock this one-person total station is ready for any challenging site.
The Leica ICR70 is a mid-range robotic total station for construction tasks. This total station is equipped with ICON software for easy layout. Increase productivity by approximately 80% over conventional methods with this robotic total station.
The Leica ICT30 is an easy-to-use robotic total station for layout. This total station comes with ICON software. The 4-button keyboard makes this an easy tool for any layout project.

GPS Systems

Terrawise Solutions offers a variety of Leica ICON smart antennas to fit your construction needs. These GPS systems are built for the most strenuous site conditions and easily integrate with the Leica controller options. Let’s dive into some of these options.

Leica ICG160

The Leica ICG60 is a versatile smart antenna that allows you to use it as a base, rover, or for on-machine guidance applications. This rugged antenna has a high-speed 4G modem that provides excellent network performance. Pair it with a Leica controller with ICON software and you’re ready to check grades, monitor cut & fills, stakeout points or lines, or do volume calculations. The ICG60 is the perfect solution for all your positioning tasks on your construction site.
The Leica 70T is a rugged smart antenna with permanent tilt compensation. The combination of the latest GNSS technology and inertial measurement unit allows the 70T to extend the measurement possibilities on any construction site. This reliable smart antenna is also calibration free, which means less downtime configuring an antenna. Levelling your pole bubble is a thing of the past. The Leica 70T is a solution that can speed you up anytime and anywhere.
The Leica CC200 is a 10” tablet computer that can be paired with a variety of our other Leica solutions. The 10” screen allows for more map visibility and comes with an anti-reflective screen for easy viewing. Glove and rain modes allow for easy use in all kinds of weather conditions. It comes equipped with 16 GB RAM capacity which allows the handling of large amounts of data with ease. Coupled with ICON software this controller is a premium solution for all of your positioning needs.


The Leica line of ground penetrating radar can help locate and map underground utilities clearly and effortlessly. These GPR solutions allow underground utility detection to be done non-destructively. Easily incorporate your positioning sensors to export your 3D map for machine control. Our GPR solutions quickly find all potential underground threats resulting in a safer and more stable jobsite.

Leica C-Thrue

The Leica C-Thrue is a concrete scanner that is easy-to-use and offers a robust solution to reveal true data in concrete. Real-time 3D data visualization allows users to make optimal and quick decisions. Easily inspect or make sure you’re safe to drill a structure. This solution is suited for all construction sites and is a game changer in the concrete world.

Leica RTC360

The Leica RTC360 is a 3D laser scanner that is a fast and precise 3D reality capture solution. The RTC360 enables users to capture and document their projects in 3D. This scanner is small and lightweight, making it portable and ready to be taken anywhere. The RTC360 features a one-button operation, allowing for fast and hassle-free scanning. Discover all of the possibilities with the RTC360 laser scanner that can handle project complexities with precise and reliable 3D representations.

Leica BLK360

The Leica BLK360 is an advanced precision imaging laser scanner. This small and light scanner takes just 20 seconds for a full-dome scan with photospheres. The BLK360 allows users to work smarter and faster while getting the crucial data they need.

Leica BLK2GO

The Leica BLK2GO is a handheld imaging laser scanner. This handheld, wireless, and lightweight scanner is designed to capture reality wherever you go. The BLK2GO is fast and agile using SLAM spatial awareness technology to know where it is and where it has been. Experience the freedom of a scanner that moves with you.


The Leica BLK2FLY is an autonomous flying laser scanner. This is the world’s first fully integrated autonomous Lidar UAV. Equipped with obstacle avoidance this UAV makes capturing 3D data effortless. This solution allows you to scan hard-to-reach areas like building facades and rooftops. Experience the freedom of a scanner that flies for you.

HP SitePrint

The HP SitePrint is a robotic layout solution for construction sites. This robotic solution allows digital layouts to be printed onto the floor. This easy-to-use solution will reduce layout and labor costs with autonomous technology. It will also enrich your site with printed text to allow for information to be available to everyone.

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