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Service Center Intro

Located in McDonough, Georgia, our Service Center is your dedicated hub for seamless construction technology support. With expert technicians and a vast inventory of parts, we provide timely and reliable service, ensuring your equipment stays in peak performance, minimizing downtime, and keeping your projects on track.

Leica TPS Instruments

Robotic Total Stations: TS16, TS15, TS12, TS11, iCON 50, iCON 60, iCON 80
Manual Total Stations: TS02, TS03, TS06, TS07, TS09, TS10, ALL Builder 
Theodolites: LDT05

Leica GNSS

Viva: GS07, GS08, GS14, GS15, GS16, GS18
Collection Device: CS15, CG20, CC80
Icon: iCG60, iCG80’s, iCG70’s, Power box’s and Power Antenna’s
Powermast / Manual Mast Repairs05

Leica Laser Receivers

LMR 360’s, MLS Series, MD Series

Leica Lasers

Rotating: Rugby 5x, 1xx, 2xx, 3xx, 4xx, 6xx, 8xx, CLX models
Pipe: Piper 100 and Piper 200, 67xx series (Basic repairs only for 67xx 
 model because of parts availability)

Leica Levels

Auto: ALL NA Series, All Jogger/Runner series


GeoMax: Zoom 80’s and 90’s
Manual Total Station: Zoom Series, Zipp series
GNSS: Zenith series
Rotating Lasers: Zone series, ZEL series
Pipe Lasers: Zeta series

All Other Products

Topcon: TPL series, RL series, Manual Total Stations, Auto Level Series, 
Trimble / SP: ALL pipe, rotating, and auto levels, Theodolites
David White / Site Pro: LT8 and LT6 series, Auto Levels, theodolites

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