Utility Locate

Our full lineup of utility locate solutions results in a safer work environment for everyone on the job site.

Enabling Users to See Below

Together we can look beneath the surface and locate utilities safely.


The Leica line of ground-penetrating radar can help locate and map underground utilities clearly and effortlessly, allowing underground utility detection to be done non-destructively. Easily incorporate your positioning sensors to export your 3D map for machine control and create a safer and more stable jobsite.

DD Locators

The Leica line of DD locators can be used for fast and safe location of underground utilities. Use them as standalone locators or they pair them with a Leica signal transmitter for increased performance.

Magnetic Locators

We offer Subsurface magnetic locators for finding surveying pins and metal markers. These locators come with a 7-year warranty and are built to last.

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