Compact Track Loader

Terrawise Solutions offers a range intelligent 3D and 2D compact track loader solutions.

Intelligent 3D/2D CTL Solutions

Terrawise Solutions offers intelligent 3D and 2D compact track loader solutions. Our lineup of our “Terra” products includes the TerraBlade, TerraRipper, and the TerraTrimmer.

The TerraBlade

The TerraBlade is the Worlds first 3D grading attachment that is 100 percent wireless. This heavy-duty attachment can be automated with cross slope, dual laser, sonic tracer, single/dual robotic, or dual GPS. It has several material carry modes and can be used as a six way dozer blade, box blade, or catch and spill. The TerraBlade is American made and ready for all of the harsh jobsite conditions.

The TerraTrimmer

The TerraTrimmer is our heavy-duty auto grading soil trimmer. Our CTL trimmer allows for grading to a precise elevation with a smooth finish in sub-base material. The TerraTrimmer can be setup for tri-sonic or robotic automation. It’s size and mobilization make it optimal for any small or large jobsite.

The TerraRipper

The TerraRipper is our hydraulic compact tractor loader scarifier. This rear mounted attachment will break that hard-packed ground and rip up all of those roots and turf with just a few quick passes. The TerraRipper features 12 carbide-tipped steel ripper teeth that are spaced 6 inches apart for quick and effective scarification. Each tooth can be removed, replaced, and adjusted based on your needs. The TerraRipper is American made and ready for your CTL.

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