High-Definition Scanning

We offer Leica’s full line of High-Definition Scanning solutions that make capturing high density existing data points a simple task.

Empowering Users to Capture Their Environment

Together we can achieve more efficient and accurate scanning.


We proudly offer Leica Scanners that fit any of your scanning needs. Built for accuracy and reliability, these scanners are ready for any project.

Leica RTC360

The Leica RTC360 is a 3D laser scanner that is a fast and precise 3D reality capture solution. The RTC360 enables users to capture and document their projects in 3D. This scanner is small and lightweight, making it portable and ready to be taken anywhere. The RTC360 features a one-button operation, allowing for fast and hassle-free scanning.
The Leica P30 and P40 scanners are robust scanning options made for demanding scanning projects. These scanners are ideal for capturing 3D geometry, creating as-builts, reconstructing a crime scene, or generating 3D data for BIM purposes. These scanners deliver a scan rate of 1 million points per second at ranges up to 270 meters.
The Leica P50 scanner is a long-range 3D scanner made for industry professionals. This scanner is ideal for inaccessible places. Maximize productivity by being able to safely setup on site and reach ranges under 1 km.

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