Embracing Digital Transformation: The Role of Technology in Streamlining

Construction Workflow

In the fast-evolving landscape of construction, precision, efficiency, and timely decision-making are crucial to success. Advancements in technology have made it possible to streamline the construction workflow, from surveying and planning to construction work to project management and more.

Accurate Site Surveying and Planning

Technology has made it easier to survey, plan, and design sites with precision. Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) positioning technology provide highly accurate location data for surveying, reducing errors and improving the accuracy of site measurements. The Leica GS18 I, for example, is a versatile GNSS TRK rover with visual positioning that allows surveying professionals to capture the job site in images and measure points from them.

Precise positioning technology, such as high definition survey (HDS) technology, also aids in the creation of detailed site plans, helping architects and engineers optimize layouts and reduce design iterations. The Leica RTC360 features an advanced HDR imaging system that can quickly create 3D point clouds and detailed scans to improve productivity in the field and office.

Improved Construction Quality and Efficiency

New technology reduces the need for manual labor, so you can get construction projects done with fewer people and less human error. Positioning technology allows heavy machinery operators to precisely excavate, grade, and level construction sites, minimizing earthwork errors and speeding up the site preparation process. Accurate positioning also ensures that foundations are placed correctly, reducing the risk of structural issues down the line. Additionally, construction crews use positioning technology to precisely lay out building components, ensuring that walls, columns, and other elements are in the correct positions.

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) assists in these efforts by showing potential threats under the ground, helping prevent construction crews from hitting underground assets and increasing the team’s safety. Construction lasers also help ensure that pipes, concrete, formwork, and more are level and installed correctly. Machine control technology gives teams access to helpful design information in real time to make excavation, grading, and other tasks easier.

Simplified Project Management

Digital technology helps companies manage their projects by making it easier to monitor progress, allocate resources properly, generate reports, and more. Machine control technology, such as the Leica ConX and Leica ICON Site, allows teams to monitor construction progress in real time through a cloud solution, web interface, and easy-to-use software. This helps companies make data-driven decisions to maximize production and efficiency.

Positioning technology also assists in optimizing the allocation of construction equipment and resources to reduce downtime and improving efficiency. Data from positioning equipment can be easily integrated into project documentation and reports, streamlining record-keeping and compliance requirements. GPS and surveying technology also help create accurate as-built documentation, which is essential for future maintenance and renovations. Plus, with the right tools, construction managers can remotely monitor multiple sites simultaneously, reducing the need for on-site presence and travel.

Enhanced ROI

By reducing errors, improving efficiency, and optimizing resource allocation, positioning technology ultimately leads to time and cost savings throughout the construction process.

Embrace Digital Transformation with TerraWise Solutions

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